December 14, 2017

Origins – part 2

My Journey So Far..

After researching on stained glass, I knew I had to learn and make a piece of my own. I did try to start a couple of times to take classes but life takes you in other directions and learning stained glass was put on the back burner. Finally, I got a chance to take some classes in 2013. I absolutely loved working with stained glass. Slowly, I started to create small pieces and moved on to bigger pieces. We started to build our home around that time and this gave me a good opportunity to try couple of window panels. I did go through a bit of trial and error with my windows but slowly and very patiently I worked on bigger window panels.

I started out making 2 small panels for my kitchen. This gave me a bit of confidence and I tried a simple Victorian design for our guest room. I then moved on to making panels for my daughter’s room. So far most of my panels were medium sized and were manageable. My last panel for our Pooja room was my biggest and quite detailed. It took few months and lots of patience with cuts and bruises along the way to complete it.

Around this time, I moved to California with my family. With a lot of mixed emotions and the thought of giving up the work I started to do in stained glass, I moved. I wanted to start my own studio but everything was put on hold.
After moving to the bay area in California, I searched around for a while to find a glass studio that will help me honing my skills in stained glass. I found Aanraku Glass studios; the commute to the studio was initially difficult, especially for a person who had just started learning to drive in the US. I finally went one day and met two of the amazing people – Bob and Steve who help run the studio, owned by Jeffery and Yuki.

Steve and Bob convinced me to make a 500-piece window panel given my experience with stained glass already. That piece is close to my heart and in many ways, it continued my journey of learning. During my 2-year stint, I created more works in stained glass using different forms of stained glass, learning different techniques and methods.
Life took a turn once more and I moved back to Bangalore in 2017. Finally, my dream of having my own studio materialized and I started my studio “Arts from Glass”.