About me

Artsfromglass studio started with a simple interest to play with my creative side. It slowly worked its way into my life where working with glass was one of the most cherished moments of my day. I started learning stained glass and learned different techniques creating stained glass art. I also took classes in mosaics, glass fusing and also have tried my hand at glass blowing.
Artsfromglass studio houses handmade art creations using different techniques from different forms of glass which can be part of our daily lives. At Artsfromglass studio, I create stained glass décor like suncatchers, lamps, tissue cozies, garden accessories and custom order knick-knacks. I do customized décor in stained glass and mosaics for windows.
Mosaics are an extension of stained glass for me, where I use glass tiles to ceramic tiles based on the need of the client. I work on creating tables, mirrors, home and garden décor with mosaic.
Stained glass and mosaic art require, time, skill and lots and lots of patience. Every piece of art is handmade; no two pieces are similar to one another.