Stained Glass Care Instructions

Stained Glass Care Instructions

You just acquired a new piece of stained glass art from ArtsfromGlass! 

Thank you and enjoy! 

Your item has been handcrafted using the finest materials and attention to detail. All glass is hand cut, foiled or leaded, soldered and finished by me.

Each item is created one at a time or in small batches to ensure quality. 

Please read below for some valuable information on how to properly care for it. 

  • Glass is fragile. Always use caution when handling glass.
  • Your item has been waxed and buffed to a high shine. 
  • The metals and finishes used in stained glass tend to naturally oxidize over time. Oxidation is a natural occurrence that will happen to stained glass no matter what which gives it a vintage look.
  • If it needs to be cleaned, place the item on a flat surface and gently buff with a soft cloth. Do this until the glass is clean. Old t-shirts work really well!
  • Please DO NOT use a glass cleaner or any other cleaning agent.
  • When hanging your item, NEVER USE SUCTION CUPS! Suctions cups deteriorate over time, eventually losing suction and risking severe damage to your item. Use nail(s) or cup hook(s) and run hardware into a wooden frame, wall or ceiling. You can hang your item from the hanger provided or use an additional chain to adjust the length.

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